These two belong to me @ 629 12th Ave E Apt A, 941-545-7573. Before here, we lived for three years in Salt Lake City without a yard, so I toilet trained them. They’re gentle.

Pumpkin Fozzy
Born May 5th 2020, Pocatello ID, to a stray mother caught by volunteer Born April 28th 2020, Mount Pleasant UT, to domestic cats kept by farmers
Personality I’m the most beautiful, and I know it. I’m fluffy, talkative, pompous, and kinda derpy at jumping and balancing. I’m fairly bold but like to act aloof. My favorite things are food and dashing inside cabinets when they’re opened. When traveling I need to be in the driver’s lap and occasionally look out a window. I ragdoll a little when held, like belly rubs, and might jump in your lap or climb the back of your chair if I like you enough. I like to start play fights with Fozzy and chase Pavel’s feet around the house. I stand my ground with other animals and act tough, but I don’t really want to fight. I keep score of who’s nice to me and play favorites. I understand human socialization pretty well and will make a lot of eye contact with and meow at you, especially if you pay attention to and talk to me. Personality I’m the most handsome, and I’m confident about it. I’m plush, unassuming, peace-loving, and very physically talented. I’m shy but actually very interested in you. My favorite things are licking tape, catching flies, and getting my butt rapidly lightly smacked and scratched. When traveling I need to hunker in the back and not be disturbed. I don’t like being held in one place for more than a few seconds, even by people I trust, but do like getting petted and brushed, some times like being carried elsewhere, and might perch on your chest if you’re lying down. I jump away from Pumpkin when he’s being annoying, although I could beat him up easily. I run and hide from other animals until I get to know them. I’m egalitarian and forgiving. I’m reserved and don’t like making tons of eye contact unless I’m really relaxed. I’m quiet, but I do chatter and chirp when excited.
Punkin - when he’s being a punk
Plumpkin - when he’s being fat and lazy
Pompkin - when he’s being too proud of himself
Fozzo - when he’s extra handsome
Fozzball - when he’s extra fuzzy
Tail up, fluffed, and slightly hooked - happy to see you
Tail up and fluffed while backing up - oops here I am; don’t step on me
Howly meow - wants something, usually food, and is being obnoxious on purpose
Squeaky meow - a greeting, or happy, or wants help with something, depending on context and tone
Trill - happy, affectionate, or excited
Moan - displeased, or protesting for fun
Short squawky meow - expressing approval, often because he sees you’ve understood him and are doing what he wants
Silent meow - happy and relaxed
Purr - happy and relaxed
Hiss - trying to set boundaries
Slinky trot - frightened, submissive
Craned neck, tail lateral - interested, watchful, ready to dart
Tail upswing - happy to be noticed
Curling around your hand or foot and starting to lick you - loving
Chattering - excited, focused
Chirp - happy
Silent meow - happy and relaxed
Purr - happy and relaxed
Hiss - frightened
Fluffed tail - surprised, positive or negative
Rubbing face against something you’re holding - put that down and pay attention to me instead